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Riche Tuinen is a specialist in maintaining gardens that works in Leiden and its surrounding areas. Recognizing the need for a straightforward and effective digital presence, our goal was to create a one-page website that introduces Maurice Sciarone, the passionate force behind Riche Tuinen, and showcases his exceptional gardening skills and services.

The website’s design is clean and user-friendly, reflecting the simplicity and elegance of Riche Tuinen’s gardening approach. We focused on creating a seamless flow of information, highlighting Maurice’s expertise, his portfolio of beautiful gardens, and the range of services offered. The site features engaging visuals of his work and an intuitive layout, making it easy for visitors to navigate and connect with Maurice. By putting a spotlight on his green thumbs and personal touch in gardening, the website serves as a perfect digital introduction to the heart and soul behind Riche Tuinen.

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