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Nimbble is proud to present the portfolio website for Leah Beckley, a seasoned brand and project management consultant known for transforming big ideas into scalable brands for startups, scaleups, and agencies. Our task was to create a professional online portfolio that showcases her expertise and connects her with leading brands in the industry.

In line with Leah Beckley's consulting style, we developed a thoughtful dark-themed website from the ground up. The dark theme not only sets a professional tone but also makes her portfolio stand out, reflecting the depth and seriousness of her work in brand and project management. The website is structured to clearly communicate her services, experience, and success stories, providing a comprehensive view of her capabilities. By focusing on a sleek and modern design, we ensured that the site captures the attention of top-tier brands and agencies, positioning Leah as a formidable force in the industry.

Loved Nimbble’s flexible and fast process, which aligned perfectly with my freelance schedule and resources. As someone with zero technical background these types of projects can feel like a lot, but they made the whole process digestible and enjoyable from start to finish.

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Leah Bekley
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