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Nimbble is excited to reveal our latest creation for Fleye, a leader in stabilized aerial filming for the film, television, and commercial industries. Founded in 2014, Fleye required a sophisticated online platform that reflects the high quality of their services. Our solution was a highly interactive, dark-themed website, cleverly segmented into three mini-sites, each dedicated to one of Fleye’s distinct service areas, catering to diverse audiences and their specific needs.

The dark theme of the website is chosen to complement the premium content Fleye offers, enhancing the visual impact of their aerial footage and creating an immersive user experience. Each mini-site within the main platform is carefully crafted to highlight the unique aspects of the respective brands under Fleye's portfolio. The interactive nature of the website invites users to explore the depth of Fleye's capabilities, from their award-winning aerial film crew to their cutting-edge filming technology. This multi-faceted approach not only showcases Fleye's versatility in the industry but also allows for a tailored user journey, making the website both engaging and informative.

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