What makes

us, us (and

why that's
good news
for you)


adjective, nimb·bler, nimb·lest

1. quick and light in movement;
agile; active; rapid; resourceful
nimble proces

2. (of the mind) quick to
understand, think, devise
a nimble mind

3. cleverly contrived
a story with a nimble plot

A 50K website? No thanks.

The typical process of designing professional websites is slow, expensive, and over complicated. Costs can easily get out of hand and before you know it, you’ll end up with a way too expensive website that took months to build. What's worse? Every time you want to make a change, you'll have to call someone.

That sounds ridiculous, right? We thought so too.

Meet Nimbble

We build websites that make sense for your business, budget and growth stage. How? With a team that flexes to your needs - not the other way around. It helps us keep our approach fresh, our work creative, and our prices genuinely affordable.

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What does a typical project look like?

Our services, your solutions

The Full Monty

You don’t have a website yet, but you’re ready to take the leap. We’ll discover, design, develop and deploy the pixel-perfect website of your dreams. Together from start to finish.

Webflow Development

You have a website design, and you need someone to build it. We’ll take your Figma, AdobeX or Sketch designs and translate them into the pixel-perfect site of your dreams.

Website Migration

You have a website you (sort of) like, on a platform you don’t. We’ll migrate and rebuild your website on Webflow, getting you completely comfortable with the platform in the process

Visual Identity

You need help with the look & feel of your brand. We'll create consistent and coherent visual concept to communicate who your are, what you stand for and, above all, why people should care.


You already have a visual identity, a brand book, mood board or something like it, but you need something specific. We can supply you with any stationary you might need to promote your brand.


You haven't found the magic formula to write copy and you've hit backspace one to many times. We got the best multi-lingual, word wizards and grammar nitpickers on call to help out.


You want your story to move, but haven't found the groove (yet). We can create powerful interactions and animations tailored to your content to bring your brand to life.

Banners & Ads

You don’t have the time, interest or resources to create marketing materials yourself. Don't worry we can fill whatever gaps you need, quickly and always on-brand.

Portals & Users

You want user to register on your site before viewing certain content. We help you to sign-up, add, and manage users easily with custom portals and dashboards tailored to your business needs.


You are in the business of selling e-books, online yoga classes, or dreams. Shopping cart integration, premium content and recurring subscriptions. It can mean the world for your business. let us upgrade your store (or bring in someone who can).


You need some online firepower, and who doesn't these days? This is best left to the digital marketing pros. We worked with quite a few of them, and we’d be happy to connect you to the best ones around.


You want to automate or streamline a part of your business, but feel overwhelmed with options. We’ll search and test the tools against your unique business needs, and give our honest take on what’s best before implementing the goods.