What makes

us us (and

why that's
good news
for you)


adjective, nimb·bler, nimb·lest

1. quick and light in movement;
agile; active; rapid; resourceful
nimble process

2. (of the mind) quick to
understand, think, devise
a nimble mind

3. cleverly contrived
a story with a nimble plot

We love a challenge

Creating a beautiful website out of a couple of pixels, some (borrowed) code and an internet connection can actually be quite easy. The real challenge is understanding your brand, your audience, and your goals to deliver the right solution for your situation.

We build in Webflow

Our bread and butter is the design and development of Webflow websites. It allows us to build beautiful sites that function flawlessly, and can actually be managed by our clients when the project wraps.

Our team flexes

A 50k website? No thanks. We build your site on time and within budget. Our team flexes to your needs - not the other way around. It helps us keep our approach fresh, our work creative, and our prices genuinely affordable.

Questions we get asked (and love to answer)

Can't find what you're looking for? Schedule a free consultation call with us for an honest discussion about the right solution for your business.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

While every project is different, a typical web design and development project usually takes between 8-12 weeks. We get that sometimes things need to move quicker, so for clients willing to lose a little downtime to next-level tight feedback and revision rounds, we can get this closer to 30 days. 

Can you guarantee results?

Sure, we can guarantee results. But the results you’ll want will have more to do with our collaboration. The better we work together, the more likely you'll love the end result. And we'll always have the revision rounds to go over every little detail and make sure you're 100% happy with your website before handing it over.

How much will a new website cost?

The most effective way for our team to understand the deliverables and costs of your new web project is for you to send us a Request for Proposal. Haven’t done one yet? Don't worry. Get in touch to schedule a discovery call and we’ll work one out together. We'll always quote a detailed price upfront, so you know exactly what you're paying, and what you’ll get out if it. The exact cost of your project will depend on the scope and requirements, but will typically fall anywhere between €2,000 and €10,000.

What is Webflow?

In our opinion: the best thing since sliced bread. In short, Webflow is a pro-level, front-end development tool and CMS that enables more creative design, better functionality, and websites that can integrate with almost everything. And if you needed more convincing, it’s currently used by more than 3.5M designers, developers and creative teams around the world who would probably say the same.

Do you launch the site for us? What happens after it’s launched?

Absolutely. We will handle 100% of the launch to make sure everything is working perfectly. But we won’t leave you hanging after the launch either – once the site is live, we’ll train you on how to use your new site and the Webflow platform as part of a comprehensive handover.

Do you exclusively use Webflow within projects?

As a platform, yes. But is it the only tool in our tech stack? Definitely not. While we always tailor our tech stack to our individual projects and the solutions they require, our project mix would usually look something like this:

  • Webflow (development and CMS)
  • Figma (UX design and brand identity development)
  • Adobe After Effects (Lottie JS animation design and development)
  • Integromat or Zapier (automation)
  • Memberstack (user accounts and payments)
  • Monday (project management and tracking)
  • Hotjar or MixMax (UX optimization)
  • Google Analytics + Tag Manager (analytics)

Can you help out with ... as well?

If it's digital, we can probably help (or we’ll know someone who can). For more information, please check out our services or get in touch.

What they say about us

With Nimbble as our digital do-it-all, we’ve achieved some great business outcomes. Truly a great experience for us and our customers alike.

Joost van der Hulst

Albemarle Riverside

I love the full control we have over our website, and how our new tools save myself and my colleagues time by automating some very mundane but important tasks.

Ger van Doorn


One of those rare experiences where you say half a word and end up with a beautiful result. Great process pace too – exactly what we needed.

Ron Heiblum


Loved Nimbble’s flexible and fast process, which aligned perfectly with my freelance schedule and resources. As someone with zero technical background these types of projects can feel like a lot, but they made the whole process digestible and enjoyable from start to finish.

Leah Beckley

Freelance Brand Consultant